The Strong Expy-Miner 2 (Strong Miner-Chief in Nostale UK Servers) is an NPC kovolt who sells magic items, materials, special items and pet items, much like Vellochika Tier in Milano . He has the same appearance as the strong Expy-Miners found in the western mines, and the Strong Expy-Miner 1
Strong Miner-Chief's Pic

Shop Options:Edit

Fashion Accessory Tab:Edit

Magic Items:Edit

Teleport to Sunset Cliff Edge: 14000 Gold

Wing of Return: 300 Gold

Amulet of Return: 600 Gold

Bell of Sweet Home: 400 Gold


Medicinal Plant: 230 Gold

Poisonous Plant: 680 Gold

Blank Amulet: 1000 Gold

Herb: 100 Gold

Dandelion: 120 Gold

Magic Potion: 100 Gold

Empty Bottle: 500 Gold

Miscellaneous Items:Edit

Application for the Rainbow Battle: 70000 Gold

NosMate Guardian Angel: 2500 Gold

Crossbow Bolts: (Ammo) 300 Gold

Short Bow Arrows: (Ammo) 120 Gold


Fried Chicken: (Snack) 100 Gold

Battle Potion: (Snack) 300 Gold