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Specialist Cards works like, class advancements, giving the player a new appearance and a set of new skills. The player can collect them thru quests thru out the game, but only for their own class. ex: swordsman can only collect SP cards for swordsman and not for mage or archer.

1st release cards.

When you first get your SP card, you only have a couple of skills with it, and you will obtain a new skill with every other SP job Lv. advancement, you will eventually obtain all the skill when reaching SP job Lv. 20.

SP1: Warrior, Red Magician and Ranger are level 36+ quest, you need job level 20 to use them.

SP2: Blade, Holy Mage and Assassin are level 46+ quest, you need job level 35 to use them.

SP3: Crusader, Blue Magician and Destroyer, are level 55+ queast, you need job 50 to use them.

SP4: Berserker, Dark Gunner and Wild Keeper are level 65+ quest, you need job level 55 to use it.

Player can get other non-elemental SP cards such as: Chicken costume card in KFC quest and it can be used from level 1 job. Jajamaru at level 45 and job level 36 on Jajamaru quest. Pajama Card on level 27 and job level 10 Pajama quest. Pirate card is Sp card that player can get only on summer event in summer raid and card can be used from job level 10.

SP5: Gladiator, Volcano Mage and Cannoner - Fire Element. Found In Act 5.1, Desert Eagle City Near Warp Tower.

SP6: Battle Monk, Tide Lord and Scout - Water Element found in Act 5.1, Desert Eagle City from the NPC Felix.Enjoy it!

SP7: Death Reaper, Seer and Demon Hunter - Shadow Element can be found in Caligor The Golden Titan Raid.

SP8: Renegade, Archmage and Avenging Angel - Light Element

Link for their appearances and skills:

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