Skills are used to attack monsters and other players in combat. There are many different types of skills, and each different skill has unique features. Every class has a different set of skills, and more skills are added as a character levels up. Specialist Cards also add more skills to the characters.

Learning SkillsEdit

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Skills can be learned off Sellbig Beginner

Skills and educations are available from Sellbig Beginner. Education requires certain levels and a certain amount of gold. One subject has two classes - beginner's and advanced. The beginner's class is not a prerequisite for the advanced class.

Basic SkillsEdit

Basic Skills can be learned from Sellbig Beginner, and are active skills. These skills can be exchanged from Sellbig Beginner for CP points. CP points are given when a character levels up. Basic skills can be deleted and increases CP and requires a certain amount of gold to delete.

Skill WindowEdit

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Skill Window

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Quick Skill Slots

A skill window can be accessed by the player to display the character's skill information.

The skil window is divided into three tabs:

Training Tab: check the educated skills.

Skill Tab: check the basic skills.

Motion Tab: a shop can be opened or emoticons can be used here.

Skills can be easily accessed through the Quick Skill Slot, displayed at the bottom of the game screen. Players tend to use this more often to access their skills rather than using the skill window every time.

To use the Quick Skill slot, choose a skill from the skill window[K] and drag the skill to one of the quick slots at the bottom of the screen.

Shortcut keys for quick slots are 1~0 and Q, W, E, R, T, making it easier to access them quickly during a pvp match or monster combat. If you need more quick slots, press the Tab key to access the second batch of quick slots.

Plus SkillsEdit

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Some Basic skills have two plus skills avaliable.

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Plus skills can add a huge advantage to the skill

Plus skills are a stronger version of the basic skills, and require the basic skills to be upgraded in order to have the plus skill. Different basic skills come with different plus skills, and some base skills even come with more than one plus skill, although only one plus skill may be equipped at a time. Basic skills may be upgraded to a plus skill at Sellbig Beginner.