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Fusing these two shoes created double resistance.

Resistance (res) is a statistic which offers more defence against certain elements. For instance, wearing a shoe with dark resistance, would give a player more resistance against dark-element monsters and attacks. Players usually use shoes and gloves in order to improve resistance. As a player levels up, it becomes possible to use resistance equiptment which gives resistace against two different elements (eg gloves which offer both light and water resistance at the same time).


Fusing resistances means combining resistances of gloves and shoes, to create a stronger resistance, which may possibly offer more resistance, or resistance against two different elements. Fusing can be done between items of the same category (glove - glove / shoes - shoes) and disposes of one item per fusion. When fusing, the item on the left box, along with it's defense stats, will be retained. In other words if you have an item with a certain effect you want to keep such as +10 resistance, then put it in the left box.This can be done at Raul Endinel and requires the Sands of the Dona River and a certain amount of gold. Successfully fused items will have prefixes / suffixes such as Single Fusion / Double Fusion. Up to 6 fusions are possible, but beware: the more fusions are made, the more likely it is to fail.

# fused Sands of Dona River Gold Success Rate
sum1 5 1,500 100%
sum2 10 3,000 100%
sum3 15 6,000 85%
sum4 20 12,000 70%
sum5 25 24,000 50%
sum6 30 48,000 20%