"Power of the elements

Once upon a time, people lived as one with mystical creatures and nature in a peaceful world, created by the goddess Ancelloan. During this time folk like the Kenkos, the Koaren and the Catsy developed, who lived far away from the people of their own world. The spirits of the forest taught the inhabitants to use elemental power and soon they had obtained power over fire, water and shadows.

The rebellion

The people and the Kenkos, a folk living outside the town, used to live together as a peaceful community, but unfortunately the tranquillity did not last long. While the Kenko rebel due to the hard working conditions in the mines, conflicts and conspiracies are now the sign of the times. Help, brave warrior, to defy this rebellion.

Arrival of the adventurers

Young and inexperienced adventurers travelled from afar to the little town of NosVille to take part in a large battle. A lot of work was put into training them up in different types of battle. Some of them became masters of magic, others specialised in weaponry. These brave warriors now roam the country looking for treasures and above all, challenges."

~ Nostale UK

Main QuestsEdit

Main quests are the storyline quests which give the player the most exp, and can also provide the player with objects, weapons and equiptment in order to complete the level. These quests may involve completing a timespace, killing a particular type of monster, or collecting items. Main quests lead the player through the Nostale storyline, and as a beginner, teaches basic playing skills.

The quests are divided into Acts. As the player progresses through the game, the player will progress through Acts, starting from Act 1, moviing through Act 2 and so on. Acts are divided into scenes, and so quests may be presented as "Act 1-3" which would mean Act 1, scene 3.

There are currently 4(5) Acts.

Act 1: The Tree of Fernon

Act 2: The Resurrection of the Devils

Act 3: The Arrival of the Super Risky Creature

Act 4: The Frozen Crown

Act 5: The Flame Sword (Released 22.7.09 just NostaleSE Version in Korea and 16.12.09 global version, and in nostale UK)

SP Card QuestsEdit

SP Card quests are the quests which must be completed in order to obtain an SP card. This may involve collecting objects, completing a timespace, or killing a particular mob of monsters.

At the end of the quest, players will be rewarded with a Specialist Card, needed in order to change into a specialist, eg Holy Mage.

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