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A player has his shop up

Private Shops are player made shops which players have complete control over. Players can decide what to put in their shop, and for how much they will sell items.

Players may only sell items which are currently in their inventory. A special map is designated for private shops called the "Private Shop Area", accessed through Nosville.

Opening a shopEdit

On your skill section, where all the face expression and icon are at (also where you see the pick up and sleep command). In there, you'll see an icon with a shop. Double click it and transfer the items from your inventory to the shop, also place the price for it as you want. Then click ok. The game will configure your shop and set it up

Note: You must be resting in order to have a shop open, otherwise, the shop will be close

Buying from a Private ShopEdit

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The private shop area

To buy an object from a private shop, double click on the business name of an open shop, double click on the product to buy and drag it to your inventory to make a purchase.