Gem of Mystery for Pajama Quest

The Pajama Card Quest
is a special Quest which can be completed to obtain a Pajama Specialist Card.


Players must be at least level 27 to begin the quest.

The QuestEdit


Chickens and Jellies in the Secret Chicken Farm

At Morning Prarie (Sunny Meadows on Nostale UK), find "Gem of Mystery".

Double click it, and select "Reach out your hand". This will send the player to a new special map. In this map, click the large rock in the middle, which appears like the previous Gem of Mystery.


The Pajama Fairy

Once you talk to the rock, you will be introduced to a semi-NPC called the "Pajama Fairy".

Read the dialogue to recieve a Quest to collect 50 wools. Wools can be collected from the Monsters "Woolly", "Angry Woolly" or "Sheep". Once the wool has been collected, return to the rock.

The rock will give another quest, this time to collect 50 feathers from a monster called super chickens. Super chickens are located in a special map "Secret Chicken Farm", found in a nearby portal through Morning Prarie (Sunny Meadows). Once these feathers have been collected, return to the rock.

This time, the rock will request 40 low-quality trees. These are collectible from the level 12 time-space, or bought at the private shops. Return to the rock.

Finally, the rock will give the final collecting quest- to collect latex jellies. These are collectible back at the "Secret Chicken Farm" by hunting the jelly monsters. Once these have been collected, return to the rock.

The final quest the rock asks for, is a time-space. This time-space is considered quite easy, and upon completion, the player is rewarded with a Pajama card.

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