Pajamas, male and female

The Pajama card
is a specialist card that can be obtained from the 27+ Pajama specialist quest and it is a specialist card any player can use regardless of their basic job including the Adventurer job(the other card being the Chicken card). In the Pajama specialist quest, the player must collect materials for the "Pajama Fairy" through defeating various monsters and completing the special Pajama Card Quest. The Pajama TimeSpace can be found in the "Sunny Meadows" and is quite easy to attain.


(Job lvl: 10+)(Reputation: Trainee or higher[501-1000])

Cute Pajama

Pajamas on Nostale, female and male (Left to Right)

Skills (a bunch of emotes really) Edit

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The Pajama SP card

  • Pillow Hitting
  • Dead Body Playing
  • Sleeping
  • Bored
  • Lie Flat
  • Bedding Exercise
  • Tea Time
  • Play Tambourine
  • Lean on You
  • Forgive Me
  • Reading
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