Nosmall is the official cash shop for Nostale, in which players may buy special items for themselves using real life cash.

Common upgrade itemsEdit

These Items are used to upgrade equipment:

Item Name
Protect Scroll
Protects the equipment when upgrading fails, therefore equiptment is not destroyed. Does not affect chances of success. Protecscroll
Fixed Level Scroll
If equipment is in a fixed state, this will be the only way to unfix it so upgrading is continuable.

Upgrading CardsEdit

These Items are used for Card Upgrading:

Item Name
Soul Revival Stone
Revives a destroyed SP card. Seoulrev
Lower/Upper Protection Scrolls Protects Cards from being destroyed during upgrade


Nosmall Inventory:Edit

Suprise Package Tab:Edit

Pet Sub-Catagory:Edit

Item NamePrice
(1) Motley Bushi Random Box$25
(5) Motley Bushi Random Boxes$99
(30) Motley Bushi Random Boxes$499
(70) Motley Bushi Random Boxes$999
(1) Bushi Collector's Box (Random Box)$25
(5) Bushi Collector's Boxes (Random Boxes)$99
(30) Bushi Collector's Boxes (Random Boxes)$499
(70) Bushi Collector's Boxes (Random Boxes)$999

Vehicles Sub-Catagory:Edit

Item NamePrice
Bead for Transportation$19
(1) Magic Carpet(Random Box)$25
(5) Magic Carpet(Random Boxes)$99
(30) Magic Carpet(Random Boxes)$499
(70) Magic Carpet(Random Boxes)$999
(1) Magic Scooter(Random Box)$25
(5) Magic Scooter(Random Boxes)$99
(30) Magic Scooter(Random Boxes)$499
(70) Magic Scooter(Random Boxes)$999
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