Kum Carven (Carven in Nostale UK Server) is a hairy kovolt NPC found in the left side of Mt Krem, who is in charge of the Super Sale Shop. He sells stronger equiptment than Bill Smith.
Carven's Pic

Shop Options:Edit

Equipment Tab:Edit


Broad Sword: (Lv 48 One-Handed Sword) 36288 Gold

Broadsword: (Lv 53 One-Handed Sword) 46905 Gold

Scale Armour: (Lv 41 Body Species Costume) 28126 Gold

Plate Armour: (Lv 50 Body Species Costume) 43500 Gold

Brigandine: (Lv 57 Body Species Costume) 55575 Gold


Hunting Bow: (Lv 48 Short Bow) 36288 Gold

Long Bow: (Lv 53 Short Bow) 46905 Gold

Cow Leather Tunic: (Lv 41 Dexterity Species Costume) 28126 Gold

Peccary Tunic: (Lv 50 Dexterity Species Costume) 43500 Gold

Toscana Tunic: (Lv 57 Dexterity Species Costume) 55575 Gold


Coral Magic Wand: (Lv 48 Wand) 36288 Gold

Orb of Crystal: (Lv 53 Wand) 46905 Gold

Muslin Robe: (Lv 41 Spirit Species Costume) 28126 Gold

Silk Robe: (Lv 50 Spirit Species Costume) 43500 Gold

Herringbone Robe: (Lv 57 Spirit Species Costume) 55575 Gold

Production Tools:Edit

Production Tools For Swordman: 1000 Gold

Produce Items For Archer: 1000 Gold

Production Tools For Sorcerer: 1000 Gold

Production Tools For Raw Materials: 700 Gold

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