An equiptment slot of a player's inventory.

The inventory is where the player may store his/her items while on the move. The items in the inventory are seperated into four categories, equiptment, main, etc and additional. Inventory space is limited.

The Inventory WindowEdit

The inventory window is divided into 4 sections:

Equipment Tab: check the list of the character's current equipment.

Major Item Tab: check the list of items that are frequently used by the character.

Misc. Tab: lists other items than equipment and major items. Additional: Costumes and Specialist Cards

Common objectsEdit

Object Description Image
Seed of Power Seeds of Power are essential to players, as 10 are required to respawn in the same place after death or to revive a pet or NosMate. A certain amount of Seeds of Power are required to enter a time-space depending on the level if the time-space.
Wing of Return Allows the player to save their position and return to their spawn point. Cl01 08 01
Amulet of Return Takes the player back to the location where they used the Wing of Return. Cl01 08 02
Gillion Stone Gillion Stone is not of any use by itself but once refined, it turns into a resource for many valuable items. Cl01 08 03
Food Food can only be consumed whilst resting to restore HP or MP. Food can be purchased from Vellochika Tier Cl01 08 04
Snacks Snacks can be consumed at any time to restore HP or MP. The restorable amount is smaller than that of food. Snacks can be purchased from Vellochika Tier Cl01 08 05
Dishes Dishes expand the current limit of HP and MP. Dishes can be made through recipies bought at Vellochika Tier Cl01 08 06
NosMate Food NosMate Food increases a pet's loyalty and experience points. NosMate Food can be purchased from Vellochika Tier Cl01 08 07
Production Tools Production tools allow you to create new items such as weapons, accessories etc.
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