Frozen Crown is a location/map, and also an "Act" on Nostale. It was released as part of "Act 4", and it has a snow theme. A player must ride a ship and choose the side of either "angel" or "demon" in order to have access to this map.
Frozen Crown NPC

Frozen Crown

Frozen Heart CitadelEdit

Upon arrival, the player will arrive in the citadel of either "angel" or "demon", depending on which side they had chosen. The player can see which side they are on, by looking at the colour of a wing which appears beside their name on the top left corner of the screen. The citadel is the only "safe" area- once they leave this map, the whole of Frozen crown is a massive PVP location.
Frozen Crown Citadel

Minimap of Frozen Heart Citadel

Frozen Crown RaidsEdit

Frozen Crown is also home to the three exclusive Nostale Family Raids:

-Lord Hatus(Dark)

-Lord Kelbinas(Water)

-Lord Mocros (Fire).

In order to access these raids, the player must be part of a Nostale family, and the side which the family is on, whether "angel" or "demon" must have their raid gauge filled to 100% by defeating players on the enemy side, and to also defeat an NPC boss which spawns when the gauge is full.

Similar to other Nostale raids, defeating the raid boss will reward players with a raid box, which may include a powerful weapon, or other rare items. The "shells" were introduced here.

PVP in Frozen CrownEdit

As stated earlier, the Frozen Crown maps are a massive PVP field. Once the player leaves the safety of a citadel, they are free to kill enemy players on the opposite team (either angel or demon), and could be killed by enemies themselves. If killed, all players of the channel are notified by a system message, while similarly, if a player successfully kills another player on the enemy team, a system message is also triggered. If killed by an enemy, the player is turned into a seal temporarily. Players are unable to see username or player level of the enemy team, to add to the challenge, and possibly to avoid player conflict.

Players may also be killed by NPC monsters and "guardians". Angels are protected by sentinials, and demons are protected by ugly spearmen. These monsters cannot kill- but can lower one's HP to 1, and cause bleeding and knockout.

Massive Ice pins may also stab at a player from underneath, causing bleeding and lowered HP, adding to the PVP challenge.

Frozen Crown as Act 4Edit

Although Frozen Crown is primarily known for its unique PVP features and raids, it also has its own unique storyline, as it is part of the Nostale main quests.

It currently is home to Timespace 81, and various other quests.