The Fairy increases the attacks of the players according to the element of their skills. Fairies also level up with their owners so the stronger a Fairy is, the more it is effective.

The four types of Fairies.

Fairies gain 1 exp point per monster hunted that is not more than 10 levels below the player's level. When the fairy levels up, it will add 1% to the element. The maximum level for a fairy is 50% or if it's a Nosmall fairy the maximum is 70%.

Types of FairiesEdit

There are currently 4 types of fairies which can be obtained through the game.

Fairy Name


Element Where to get it Nosmall fairy appearance
Fire Fairy Fire Timespace 26
Water Fairy Water Timespace 33
Light Fairy Light Timespace 41
Dark Fairy Dark Timespace 45

As you can see, some fairies are only obtainable through Nosmall. They are larger in appearance, and have a higher maximum level (70%).

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