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Equiptment is displayed in characters stats window

Equipment is worn by characters to help enhance their skills and abilities in battle.

Equipment may include armor, weapons and costumes.

Worn equipment shows up in the player's statistics window, unused equipment is left in the player's inventory.

The main equipment is as follows:

Main Weapon Your right-hand weapon and the specialized weapon for your job.
Secondary Weapon Your left-hand weapon that supplements the main weapon.
Clothes For protection of your body. Major influence on your defense rating.
Gloves / Shoes For protection of your hands and foot. Come with diverse capabilities and influence your element resistances.
Hat / Accessory For your head and facial decoration. Come with diverse capabilities.
Necklace / Ring / Bracelet For your neck, fingers and wrist. Come with diverse capabilities and additional options that enhance the character's base stats.
Fairies Fairies give you character elemental power.

Armor Grades.Edit

Equipment and Armor can be graded in two ways: rarity and strength. You can see the rarity of an equipment or armor by the colour of it's name, and the word before its name, eg. Legendary, High-Quality, etc. Strength is how much it has been upgraded, and this is shown after the name of the object, eg. Blue wise +5


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Different stats of weapons and armors can depend on rarity levels

The same items can have different capabilities depending on their rarity grades. Rare Levels are decided with certain chances and you can try to find Rare Level items with betting. Rare Levels are from -2 to 8.


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High graded armor can appear shiny

grading an item will add a certain strength percentage to weapons and armor. Upgraded armor/weapons can double or even triple the strength or defence. Strengthening is available from Bill Smith. Strengthening a weapon adds "+1, +2, +3" etc to the weapon, the maximum being 10+. The higher the grade, the stronger the weapon becomes but the upgrade probability of the item will go down after each successful upgrade. Higher graded weapons appear to have special effects. Note that gloves and shoes are not upgradable. Items needed are cella, soul gem, whole soul gem and gold.


When upgrading the item has a % chance at success, fixed, and failure. When the item is successful, a % will be added to the item, strengthening it. If the item is fixed, you won't be able to upgrade it anymore. When the item fails, it will be destroyed.

200% 5 8 1 32% 6 2 65% 10% 54% 90% 10 15% 7 22% 4 9 43% 3 120%
20% 20% 60% 280 Whole Soul Gem x1 150,000 60% 20% 20% 160 Soul Gem x3 30,000 ? ? ? 380 Whole Soul Gem x2 400,000 80% 15% 5% 120 Soul Gem x2 10,000 40% 20% 40% 220 Whole Soul Gem x1 80,000 ? ? ? 480 Whole Soul Gem x2 700,000 100% 0% 0% 50 Soul Gem x1 1,500 100% 0% 0% 20 Soul Gem x1 500 ? ? ? 600 Whole Soul Gem x3 1,000,000 Sucsess Rate Fixed Rate Failure Rate Cella Powder Gem Gold +? 90% 10% 0% 80 Soul Gem x2 3,000

Cash Items InvolvedEdit

Some Cash Items may help in upgrading.

Item Name Description
Protect Scroll Protects the equipment when upgrading fails, therefore equipment is not destroyed. Does not affect chances of success. Protecscroll
Fixed Level Scroll If equipment is in a fixed state, this will be the only way to unfix it so upgrading is continuable. Fixedlvl

Tip: as these items are quite expensive, only use them when upgrading beyond +5~

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