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Four elements of Nostale: Fire, water, dark and light

An element is a stat added to most living things in Nostale, giving them power and advantages of a particular element. There are four elements in Nostale: fire, water, light and dark.

Effects of an elementEdit

Each element is superior or inferior to one another.
~ Fire < Light < Water < Darkness < Fire
A superior element's attack on an inferior element: 50% additional damage. No element is always inferior to any other element and will receive 30% additional damage.

Characters have no default elements. They need a fairy to get an element.

Monsters and their elementsEdit

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Kenko Spearman has 15% dark element

Some monsters have elements. For example, a kenko spearman is a dark element. These monsters turn 15% of their possible damages into the element of darkness for additional damage.


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Attacks with the element of light will have less resistance due to the enemy's resistance to light.

If the opponent has resistance to the same element, the damage to the opponent shall decrease by as much as the resistance is. If you have resistance, the damage a monster of the element of resistance does on you will also decrease.
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