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A variety of Nostale classes are avaliable

Every Nostale character will belong to one class. A class determines what sort of attacks the character will specialise in. Nostale has 5 classes in total- Adventurer, Sorcerer, Archer, Swordsman and Martial Artist. The adventurer is a mixture of everything, but is considered the weakest class, with the lowest HP, strength and equip.

Everybody begins the game as an adventurer, but once a players combat level has reached 15, and job level has reached 20, players are given the option to change class, to either magician, archer or swordsman. It is almost impossible to see a high levelled adventurer, as the adventurer class has many disadvantages (quite weak, no Specialist Cards).

After you reach combat level 80 with at least one character, you can create another character with class named Martial Artist. Every character starting with Martial Artist class has instantly 81 combat level and 1 job level and receive quests.

The Sorcerer specialises in powerful ranged magic attacks which require a large amount of MP but can cause various effects to destroy your enemies or either help your allies.

The Archer is mobile fast character class specialising on speedy ranged attacks. Archers critical hits and speed are deadly.

The Swordsman is specialising in close combat style and taking damage on purpose, since they have the biggest amount of HP from all 5 classes.

The Martial Artist specialises on powerful buffing effects and fast close ranged attacks.

Class Items[]

Swordsman Archer Sorcerer
Cl01 05 04.gif
Cl01 05 05.gif
Cl01 05 06.gif
Cl01 05 07.gif
Cl01 05 08.gif
Cl01 05 09.gif
Excellent Defense & HP Fast attack and movement Diverse supporting / attack magic
Good at close combat Good at long range combat Specializing in magic attacks with a larger MP gauge

Specialist Cards[]

Specialists Cards are items mainly obtained from optional quests. Specialist Cards require only right class and job level to wear. When having all required things you can equip Specialist Card and transform. After a while your character transforms into a brand new looking character with new spells and levels that you can increase.

Player start off with 10000 SP every day, known as Basic SP. If there is any SP remaining in the Basic SP, 10% of that shall be added to the Additional SP bar on recharge. All classes have four main Specialist Cards, one for each element: Light, Dark, Fire and Water.

Specialist Cards Class Lvl. obtained Job Level required Element
Warrior Swordsman 36+ 20 Fire
Blade Swordsman 46+ 35 Water
Crusader Swordsman 55+ 50 Light
Berserker Swordsman 65+ 55 Dark
Gladiator Swordsman 75+ 60 Fire
Battle Monk Swordsman 80+ 70 Water
Death Reaper Swordsman 80+ 70 Dark
Renegade Swordsman 70+ 70 Light/Dark
Red Magician Sorcerer 36+ 20 Fire
Holy Mage Sorcerer 46+ 35 Light
Blue Magician Sorcerer 55+ 50 Water
Dark Gunner Sorcerer 65+ 55 Dark
Volcano Sorcerer 75+ 60 Fire
Tide lord Sorcerer 80+ 70 Water
Seer Sorcerer 80+ 70 Dark
Archmage Sorcerer 70+ 70 Light
Ranger Archer 36+ 20 Water
Assassin Archer 46+ 35 Dark
Destroyer Archer 55+ 50 Fire
Wildkeeper Archer 65+ 55 Light
Cannoner Archer 75+ 60 Fire
Scout Archer 80+ 70 Water
Death Hunter Archer 80+ 70 Dark
Avenging Angel Archer 70+ 70 Light
Dragon Fist Martial Artist 81+ 20 Fire
Pajama All 27+ 10 N/A
Jajamaru All but adventurer 45+ 38 Fire
Chicken Costume All N/A 1 N/A
Pirate All N/A 10


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