Players attempt to defeat the raid boss, the "Chicken King"

The chicken-king raid, more commonly known as "KFC", is a simple raid in which the aim is to defeat the "Chicken-King". The chicken raid is considered a special raid, as it's seal is obtained in a different raid to others, and damage on players is based on percentage rather than a set number, therefore higher levels and high HP swordsmen are at a disadvantage.

Players may be rewarded with a Chicken Costume SP Card if lucky.

Obtaining the sealEdit

Cl10 05 01

The wanted sign players must talk to in order to enter the map

Unlike other raids, the KFC raid seal is unobtainable through a raid timestone piece. To obtain the seal, the player must complete a special timespace found in Nosville by the "chicken farm", east of Nosville. To enter, the player must talk to the "wanted" sign outside the chicken farm portal.

Chicken-King special featuresEdit

Cl10 05 03

Eggs may be collected for fun

Unlike other raids, any player above level 20 may join without a restriction. As stated earlier, this raid also applies an equal percentage damage on players, therefore players with high HP are at a disadvantage, as they are more difficult to heal.

Completing the raid may reward players with a Chicken Costume, but the player must be lucky to do so, as this is a rare prize.

If a chicken eggy fairy is equipped by a player, an additional 50% damage is inflicted on the chicken king.

During the raid, eggs may also be collected. These may give out small prizes, for fun.

Inside the boss room, players must avoid the red circles, as they will take out most of the player's HP.

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