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A swordsman character

The character is what represents the player in the game.

Players have control over the character, can personalise it, and generally have fun with it. Each player is allowed to create up to 3 characters per account. Most servers only allow one account per player, so in order to avoid a permanent ban, players should read up on the rules before starting the game.

Controlling the characterEdit

Control How
Moving Left click on your mouse to move your character
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Attacking Double click on the monster to attack.Spacebar does the same job.
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Secondary Attack With the cursor on a monster, click both the left- and right-hand buttons on your mouse , or press Z.
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Zooming/Screen Rotation Roll your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Move the mouse while pressing the right-hand button to rotate the screen.
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Moving with the Minimap Left click on the minimap to move your character. Brief information on the area is displayed.
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Character Window (shortcut P)Edit

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Character window

Displays details and combat history on the characters and NosMate. Items from an inventory can be put on or off here.


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A typical skill window of an archer

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Quick Skill Slot

Each player is given skills in order to be able to attack monsters/other players.

A skill window can be accessed by the player to display the character's skill information.

The skil window is divided into three tabs:

Training Tab: check the educated skills.

Skill Tab: check the basic skills.

Motion Tab: a Private Shop can be opened or emoticons can be used here.

Skills can be easily accessed through the Quick Skill Slot, displayed at the bottom of the game screen. Players tend to use this more often to access their skills rather than using the skill window every time.

To use the Quick Skill slot, choose a skill from the skill window[K] and drag the skill to one of the quick slots at the bottom of the screen.

Shortcut keys for quick slots are 1~0 and Q, W, E, R, T, making it easier to access them quickly during a pvp match or monster combat. If you need more quick slots, press the Tab key to access the second batch of quick slots.

Leveling UpEdit

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Your character will level up once your experience gauge reaches 100%

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The level gauge

Characters may level up. In order to level up, characters must gain experience through completing quests or killing monsters.Your level advances once your experience gauge displayed at the bottom of the game screen reaches 100%. There are two kinds of levels - combat and job level. The pink gauge displays the job level. Fill it to the top to level up, while the yellow gauge displays the combat level. Filling each box of the combat level gauge fully restores your HP and MP. Once a player's job level reaches level 20, players may choose to change class from adventurer to either swordsman, sorcerer or archer.

Fame and DignityEdit

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Character's rank is shown next to his/her name

Cl01 09 03

If a character's dignity is below -100, he/she will have a dishonoring icon.

A character's fame rank will go up according to how many missions he completes in Nostale. Specific icons appear next to the character's name based on its current rank.

Specialist Cards: Rank is required for specialists in order to transform into them. If a character's rank has not met the Specialist's requirements, then the character will be unable to use it.

A character's dignity is similar to rank, and is displayed in the same place as rank. If your dignity is below -100, your character name will be accompanied by a dishonoring adjectice / prefix / suffix, which will be displayed along with your rank. Characters with dishonor will be given a couple of penalties.

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