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Celloin Vintage

Celloin Vintage (Soraya Style in UK) is The Ganz Fashion NPC that helps players with quests and is the shop of Fashion Accessories. She is a beautiful young girl with blue eyes and blue hair

Celloin Vintage holding her hands together.

that is always beautifying herself. It seems there is a relationship between her and Sellbig Beginner. Players will often visit her to add options to their Jewellery

Shop Options:[]

Accessory tab:[]

Providing Option Tab:[]

Cost to add a Lv # Cellon to an accessory:

Lv 1 Cellon: 700 Gold

Lv 2 Cellon: 1000 Gold

Lv 3 Cellon: ??? Gold

Lv 4 Cellon: ??? Gold

Lv 5 Cellon: 10000 Gold

Lv 6 Cellon: 20000 Gold

Lv 7 Cellon: ??? Gold

Lv 8 Cellon: ??? Gold

Lv 9 Cellon: ??? Gold

Lv 10 Cellon: ??? Gold